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A German court has [riled / ruled] that sustaining an injury while walking from your bedroom to your home office constitutes [the / a] workplace accident. The judges decided [what / that] walking a few metres from your bed to your desk in another room in your house can be [reported / considered] a commute to work. As such, any injuries [sustained / sustenance] on that short journey can be eligible for compensation [payout / payouts] . The landmark ruling was made in a [brief / case] where a man slipped while descending a staircase from his bedroom to his home office and [fractured / fracturing] a vertebra. The court decided that the "first morning journey from bed to the home office is an [insured / assured] work route". This decision could start a rush to get similar cases [heard / spoken] in courts.

The [potion / notion] of what constitutes a workplace has changed since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Millions of people have [slashed / switched] from working in offices to working at home. This has [implications / inductions] for health and safety issues as well as the [lawyers / legalities] around workplace accidents. One big question concerns who is responsible for [insuring / ensuring] a home office satisfies safety requirements, and to what [extent / request] an employer is liable for injuries [effected / sustained] in an employee's home. An [expert / expat] on German employment law said new legislation would be needed to decide future [clams / claims] . He told the CNN news agency that: "It seems likely that insurers will...have to revisit this [ruling / ruler] often."

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