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The words
Environmentalists are getting more [worrying / worried] about the effects of fast fashion on the environment. Fast fashion is the [massed / mass] production of clothes at a low cost. They are put [in / on] shops and online quickly to create a [high / low] demand. Manufacturers make 100 billion items of clothing every year. This is expected [to / for] grow by 60 per cent by 2030. The fast fashion business model [is / be] having a negative effect on the environment. Many of the clothes end [up / down] in landfills and are not recycled. Another negative [affect / effect] on the environment is caused by the chemicals [useful / used] to make the clothes. These cause health problems for people working in clothes factories. There are reports children make many of [them / these] clothes.

The [how / way] people are buying clothes is adding to the problem of clothing waste. Many years ago, people went to stores and tried clothes [off / on] . People took more time and thought more [careful / carefully] before they bought clothes. They also [wore / worn] them for longer. Today, people order cheap clothes on the Internet and if they don't like [it / them] , they send them back. Some people say this is causing a [thrown / throwaway] society. Some people buy clothes and never [even / evens] wear them. The German media company Deutsche Welle [wrote / written] : "Every year in Europe, four million tons of clothing ends [winds / blows] up in the trash. Less than one per cent of this is recycled." It seems the fashion industry is not so [sustain / sustainable] .

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