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The koala is [regarding / regarded] as the epitome of cuddliness. However, animal [loves / lovers] will be saddened to hear that this lovable marsupial has been moved to the endangered [species / specials] list. The Australian Koala Foundation estimates there are [sometime / somewhere] between 43,000-100,000 koalas left [in / on] the wild. Their numbers have been dwindling rapidly due to disease, [loss / lost] of habitat, bushfires, being hit by cars, and other [threats / treats] . Stuart Blanch from the World Wildlife Fund in Australia said: "Koalas have gone from no listing to vulnerable to endangered [wither / within] a decade. That is a shockingly fast [incline / decline] . He added that koalas risk "sliding toward extinction" [unless / though] there are "stronger laws...to protect their forest homes".

The koala has huge [culture / cultural] significance for Australia. Wikipedia writes: "The koala is well known worldwide and is a major [tie / draw] for Australian zoos and wildlife parks. It has been [fractured / featured] in advertisements, games, cartoons, and [was / as] soft toys. It benefited the national tourism industry by over [an / the] estimated billion Australian dollars in 1998, a figure that has since [grown / growth] ." Despite this, efforts to protect the koala have been [failing / fallen] . Australia's Environment Minister Sussan Ley said there have been "many pressures [on / in] the koala," and that it is "vulnerable [to / on] climate change and to disease". She said the 2019-2020 bushfires, which killed at least 6,400 of the animals, were "a [tipping / tapping] point".

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