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The words
A new study from scientists [suggests / suggesting] eating a lot of vegetables may not greatly reduce the [risky / risk] of a heart attack. This goes against what doctors have been telling us for decades. People across the world believe it is [essence / essential] to eat lots of vegetables to keep the heart healthy. The new study says [other / another] lifestyle factors may [effect / affect] our health just as much as vegetables. These include the [thing / things] we eat, how much exercise we get, where we live, our income, and [whether / weather] or not we smoke and drink. The study is [from / at] universities in Oxford, Bristol and Hong Kong. Almost 400,000 people [gave / took] part in it. They answered questions about their lifestyle, diet, and what [roar / raw] and cooked vegetables they ate.

The scientists [advice / advised] that people should still eat lots of vegetables because they were good for our heart and [overalls / overall] health. The [findings / funding] of their study actually found that the risk [to / of] dying from cardiovascular disease was around 15 per cent lower for [them / those] eating the most vegetables, especially raw vegetables. However, they explained that many other [factories / factors] also contributed to this 15% reduction. Lead researcher Dr Qi Feng from the University of Oxford said: "Our large [studious / study] did not find evidence for a protective effect of vegetable intake on the [occur / occurrence] of cardiovascular disease". He said "[differences / different] in socioeconomic situation and lifestyle differences" also affected the [health / healthy] of our heart.

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