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buy rise make buy reject accept have top be trust
want remove use use spread introduce ask ban be lead
The world's richest person, Elon Musk, has the social media site Twitter. Mr Musk bought the company for $44 billion. On April the 4th, he bought 9.1 per cent of Twitter for $2.64 billion. Twitter's value by 27 per cent after this. Musk then a follow-up offer to the whole company, but the board of directors this. However, on April the 25th, the board publicly Mr Musk's offer. Musk is number seven on the list of Twitter's most-followed people. He 84 million followers. Former U.S. President Barack Obama the list with 131 million followers. Twitter's co-founder Jack Dorsey said he happy that Mr Musk is Twitter's new owner. He said: "I his mission."

Mr Musk said he to open up Twitter more to free speech. One of his biggest aims is to spam bots, which fill Twitter with fake tweets. Many spam bots are to tweet false information to people voting in elections. They are also to conspiracy theories about vaccinations, immigration and other social issues. Mr Musk said he wants to new products. He said the company has "tremendous potential". One big question people are is whether Musk will allow former U.S. President Donald Trump back on the platform. He was in January 2021. Other concerns people have about hate speech. Human rights groups say a more open Twitter could to a rise in hate speech.

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