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The words
The world's [richest / rich] person, Elon Musk, has bought the social media site Twitter. Mr Musk [brought / bought] the company for $44 billion. On April the 4th, he bought 9.1 per cent [for / of] Twitter for $2.64 billion. Twitter's value [rose / tulip] by 27 per cent after this. Musk then made a follow-up offer to buy the [hole / whole] company, but the board of directors rejected [this / them] . However, on January the 25th, the board [publicly / public] accepted Mr Musk's offer. Musk is number seven [on / at] the list of Twitter's most-followed people. He has 84 million followers. Former U.S. President Barack Obama [stops / tops] the list with 131 million followers. Twitter's co-founder Jack Dorsey said he was happy that Mr Musk is Twitter's new owner. He said: "I [trust / truth] his mission."

Mr Musk said he wants to open up Twitter more to [freely / free] speech. One of his biggest aims is to remove [spam / beef] bots, which fill Twitter with fake tweets. Many spam bots are used to tweet [falsely / false] information to people voting in elections. They are also used to spread conspiracy [theory / theories] about vaccinations, immigration and other social [tissues / issues] . Mr Musk said he wants to introduce new [products / produce] . He said the company has "tremendous potential". One big question people are asking is whether Musk will allow [farmer / former] U.S. President Donald Trump back on the platform. He was [banned / binned] in January 2021. Other concerns people have [are / be] about hate speech. Human rights groups say a more open Twitter could lead to a rise [on / in] hate speech.

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