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Gardeners urged not to cut the grass






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A charity called Plantlife wants people not to cut their grass. It is a project called "No Mow May". When spring arrives, gardeners mow their lawn. This means there are fewer flowers and insects. Not cutting the grass leaves a habitat that will help "bees, butterflies, wildlife and us". Bees are important because they pollinate flowers. Plantlife also wants people to count the types of wild flowers in their garden.

Plantlife said wild lawns are "biodiversity hotspots". It said there can be 250 kinds of plants on lawns, including wild strawberry. Plantlife wants us to value wild lawns. One gardener said wild gardens bring joy. He said people care too much about neat gardens. He said not mowing the lawn lets us "reconnect with the natural world". Plantlife agreed. It said a wild garden "makes you feel like you're somewhere tropical".

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