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Airlines miss most of their climate change targets






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UK airlines have missed all their climate change targets, except one. They have set over 50 targets since the year 2000. These include using greener fuels. The climate group Possible said airlines have failed to cut their carbon footprint. A spokesperson said: "Companies set [big] targets.…They talk about them for a couple of years. Then the targets sink without trace, never to be seen again." Possible said the climate record of airlines was very "poor".

The airline industry creates seven per cent of the UK's greenhouse gases. Possible said the UK's goal to be net zero by 2050 could not be met unless every part of the economy helps. Possible wants frequent fliers to pay more. Just 15 per cent of residents take 70 per cent of flights in the U.K. The airline EasyJet was the only company to meet a target. It cut the amount of fuel an airplane burns per passenger by three per cent.

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