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The words
A new report [says / saying] airlines in the U.K. have missed all their climate change targets since 2000, except [only / one] . The U.K. aviation [industrial / industry] has set more than 50 climate targets [in / on] the past two decades. These included using greener fuels for airplanes and making fuel [more / much] efficient. The climate group Possible did research on the airline industry. It said the aviation industry has [failure / failed] to reduce its carbon footprint. Leo Murray from Possible [telling / told] the BBC: "Companies set grand-sounding targets with a lot of [fun fare / fanfare] ....They talk about them for a couple of years. Then the targets sink [without / with] trace, never to be seen again." Mr Murray said the industry's climate record "is exceptionally [poverty / poor] ".

The airline industry creates a [many / lot] of greenhouse gases. In 2018, air travel was responsible for seven per cent [of / for] the UK's greenhouse gas emissions. Mr Murray said this was [a / too] problem. He said the UK's [goal / try] to be net zero by 2050 "can't be met without every sector of the economy pulling its [height / weight] ". Possible wants frequent fliers to pay more. More than 70 per cent of flights in the U.K. are taken [by / on] just 15 per cent of residents. Murray also wants the government to make [sustain / sustainable] transport like rail or ferries cheaper and easier to [abuse / use] . Possible said the airline EasyJet was the only company to have [let / met] a target. It successfully reduced the amount of fuel an airplane burns [per / par] passenger kilometre by three per cent.

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