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The words
Tom Cruise's [latest / earliest] blockbuster film has broken box office records across America. The movie "Top Gun: Maverick" was [showing / shown] in the biggest [ever / even] number of North American movie theatres. The movie magazine "Variety" [reporter / reported] that 4,732 cinemas in the USA and Canada showed "Maverick". This makes [it / them] the widest release of all time. The movie also [damaged / broke] another record. It is the best Memorial Day opening film [on / in] history. It earned $156 million in the USA. This [beats / wins] Johnny Depp's "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End". That movie [earned / earnings] $153 million in 2007. Maverick has also given Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise his first ever $100 million opening weekend [at / in] the box office.

Maverick is the [sequence / sequel] to the 1986 film "Top Gun". Cruise goes back to his [role / roll] as US navy pilot Pete "Maverick" Mitchell. The movie's production company Paramount was very [happy / happily] that "Maverick" had done so well. Chris Aronson, president of [drastic / domestic] distribution, said: "These [result / results] are ridiculously, over-the-top fantastic. I'm happy for everyone. I'm happy [for / from] the company, for Tom, and for the filmmakers." The movie has had [rave / grave] reviews from critics. The "Independent" in the UK called it a "thrilling" blockbuster. [Other / Another] UK newspaper, "The Telegraph," called it "[absurd / absurdly] exciting," and "unquestionably the best studio action film in years". At first, Cruise did not want to make the sequel. Now, he is [happy / happily] he did.

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