Speed Reading — The Colour Blue - Level 2 — 300 wpm

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Everyone has a favourite colour. We usually like it throughout our lives. A new study found the most common favourite colour is blue. The BBC looked at why people like one colour more than another. They found two things. One was that people around the world like the colour blue most. The other finding was that we change the colours we like as we get older. Our experiences in life also change the way we feel about colour. People often like darker colours as they get older. The studies showed that dark yellowish-brown was the world's least liked colour.

The BBC found that blue has been a favourite since research on colour began in the 1800s. Most people's experiences of blue are positive. Many colours in nature are blue, especially a blue sky, the sea and flowers. A blue sky makes many people very happy. The researchers say one of the only negative associations with blue was in the English language. In English, people say they "have the blues" or are "feeling blue". This means they feel sad. One factor in having a favourite colour is sport. Many people like the colour of their favourite sports team.

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