5-speed listening (Google Maps - Level 4)

Google Maps now lets you find fresh air






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Google Maps has lots of useful features. It plans routes and provides real-time directions. It also gives traffic information, restaurant reviews, and lots more. Its latest tool is its Air Quality Index (AQI). Before going on a picnic, camping trip or hike, you can check the air quality. Google said we can check "conditions – like whether it's unusually smoggy". It is "a measure of how healthy (or unhealthy) the air is".

The new air quality feature is on the Layers icon on Google Maps. This is where the satellite and street views are. Google said: "We collaborate closely with partners in the weather and air quality space to [provide] helpful and authoritative information.…We hope these tools help you feel safe and informed." The AQI also provides updated information on the health impact of air quality. In addition, there is a "wildfires near me" feature to advise people on fires.

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Google Maps - Level 5  |  Google Maps - Level 6

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