Speed Reading — Google Maps - Level 6 — 500 wpm

Now do this put-the-text-back-together activity.

This is the text (if you need help).

Google Maps already boasts a wealth of useful features for users. Besides showing people where they are, it plans routes, provides real-time spoken directions, street views, traffic and footfall information, restaurant reviews and a whole lot more. Google has just unveiled its latest tool. Users can now click on its Air Quality Index (AQI) before heading out for a bike ride, picnic, camping trip or hike. Google's products blog stated: "When you're visiting a new place or planning outdoor activities, it can be helpful to know the air quality conditions – like whether it's unusually smoggy." It added that its new AQI is, "a measure of how healthy (or unhealthy) the air is, along with guidance for outdoor activities."

The new feature is a "layer" on Google Maps. To view it, users tap on the "Layers" icon in the top right corner of the screen. This is the same button for selecting the satellite or street view modes. Users will see the new option to see air quality information on their map. Google said: "We collaborate closely with partners in the weather and air quality space to surface helpful and authoritative information when you need it most.…We hope these tools help you feel safe and informed so you can enjoy the summer." The AQI will also provide updated information on the health impact of the air quality. In addition, there is a "wildfires near me" feature to alert, update and advise people on the status of fires.

Comprehension questions
  1. What does the article say Google Maps boasts a wealth of?
  2. What kinds of reviews does Google Maps provide?
  3. What does the article say Google has unveiled?
  4. What unusual thing might the Air Quality Index tell us about?
  5. What guidance will the Air Quality Index tell us about?
  6. What do we tap to access the Air Quality Index?
  7. Where on the screen is the icon to access the Air Quality Index?
  8. Who does Google work closely with?
  9. How does Google hope people will feel after using the Air Quality Index?
  10. What additional feature does the Air Quality Index have?

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