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A new museum in Ghana is exciting people worldwide. The Pan African Heritage Museum will open in August 2023. TIME Magazine said it will be one of the world's top 100 places to visit. TIME called it an important place for people "interested in connecting with Africa's history and…heritage". Ghana's president said the museum will house African art stolen by other countries. He said these are now in foreign museums, but they will be returned to Africa.

A man thought of the idea for the museum after he went to an event for the 375th anniversary of the forced arrival of Africans in the USA. He saw 5,000 people of African descent. He said: "This inspired me to create the museum to unite Africans." He added: "The museum is special because it's the only one bringing all African heritage together under one roof." Africa has fewer than 2,000 museums, compared with over 30,000 in Europe and the USA.

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