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The words
What do police [do / doing] with cars taken from criminals? Police in the Czech Republic have come [up / down] with a good idea for high-powered sports cars. They [tuned / turned] a criminal's Ferrari into a patrol car. The Ferrari 458 Italia is now part [of / at] the Czech Police's fleet of cars. It was almost [bland / brand] new when they took it from a criminal. It only had 1,900 km [in / on] the clock. The same kind of car [usually / usual] sells for around $275,000. The force [spent / spending] around $14,000 to turn it into a police car. It was originally Ferrari red in colour, but the police repainted it yellow and blue. These [are / be] the colours of police cars in Czechia. They also fitted it with fluorescent stripes, cameras, a radio, a siren, and [flushing / flashing] police lights on the roof.

A police spokesperson said they would [use / abuse] the Ferrari in high-speed chases. He said it would be able to catch any joyrider [in / on] the roads. Police will also [pursue / purse] drivers taking part in illegal road races. The spokesperson [subtracted / added] that the car would be used against some of the country's "most aggressive" criminals on the roads. Police in Czechia [seize / sieve] many vehicles from criminals each year. They sell [mostly / most] of them and give the money to victims of [traffic / truffle] crimes. They turn others into patrol cars. The Ferrari is the [must / most] most to become a patrol car. Czechia has a long way to go to [match / mix] Dubai's fleet of supercars. Dubai police get to drive Lamborghinis, Bugattis and an Aston Martin to keep their roads [safety / safer] .

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