Sentence Dictation Answers - Ditch neckties to save energy, says Spain's PM

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Sanchez has urged his fellow citizens to ditch their neckties to help save energy.

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Mr Sanchez made his plea at a press conference on Friday.

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He addressed journalists tieless and called on Spanish people to follow his lead.

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I have asked all ministers and public decision makers to do likewise.

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We will all be contributing to the energy savings that are so necessary.

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Spain would soon adopt urgent energy-saving measures to tackle the climate crisis.

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Countries are doing what they can to be less dependent on Russia for fuel.

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Restrictions on the use of air conditioners and heating appliances.

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More than 500 people have passed away in the past two weeks because of the heat.

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Introduced a relief package of $9.2 billion to help people pay energy bills.

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