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The words
Why are some people [biting / bitten] by mosquitoes more than other people? A website has discovered some answers to [these / this] question. Researchers from the [site / sight] Medical News Today (MNT) looked into what parts of [them / us] mosquitoes like. They found out some interesting things. A professor of public [health / healthy] , Dr Jagdish Khubchandani, told MNT what he thought mosquitoes liked. He said: "Studies [suggestion / suggest] that pregnant women, people with high [body / bodies] temperature and sweat...and those with darker [skin / skinny] could be bigger targets." Blood type could be another [factory / factor] . Studies found that mosquitoes are not so attracted to people with blood group A. However, they [eat / find] people with blood group O a little tastier.

Medical News Today reported that there are [more / over] 3,500 species of mosquitoes worldwide. Only a [friction / fraction] of these bite people. Only the females of the [species / specials] bite. They need blood to provide protein for their [eggs / egg] . Mosquito bites are an [annoyance / annoy] for most people. The bite becomes itchy and can [well / swell] . However, millions of people have died from the diseases mosquitoes spread. These include malaria, dengue fever, West Nile [viral / virus] , yellow fever and Zika, [between / among] others. To avoid getting bitten, it is best to cover your skin with clothing. It is also a good idea to [use / abuse] insect repellent (day and night, indoors and outdoors) on any exposed skin. Sleeping under a mosquito net can also reduce the chances of [been / being] bitten.

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