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have reassess decide avoid carry respond leave raise omit see
A new culture of work has quietly spreading around offices, factories and workplaces worldwide. Workers are increasingly the concept of "quiet quitting". This phenomenon workers slowly abandoning doing things that are not part of their contract. The website quiet quitting as follows: "Quiet quitting the process of to work to the minimum requirements of your role in the time that you're there, then leaving. No offers of overtime, no stepping outside your designated obligations, no going the extra mile. It's the silent withdrawal of extra labor to what are as unreasonable pressures."

Quiet quitting increased in popularity since the coronavirus pandemic. People are their attitudes towards work. They have to achieve a more fulfilling work-life balance, and focus on job burnout. Workers are jettisoning unpaid duties they once voluntarily out in their workplaces. They do the bare minimum and leave at five on the dot. Some employers are with what is being termed as "quiet firing". This is when bosses try to get employees to . They do this by not salaries, disregarding employees' ideas and them from meetings. A LinkedIn poll found that 48 per cent of employees in a survey have quiet firing in the workplace.

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