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know speak do invite attend advise tell go think take
report want disagree become lift ban call fight praise need
Britain's King Charles III is a well- environmentalist. For decades, he has on green issues. He made the world aware of the dangers of climate change long before many world leaders . He had been to attend the 27th UN climate change conference in Egypt next month to give a speech. However, officials say there has been a change of plan and he will not be . Many newspapers in the U.K. say King Charles will not attend the conference after Britain's new prime minister, Liz Truss, him not to. A royal expert a newspaper that: "It is no mystery that the King was invited to there. He had to very carefully about what steps to for his first overseas tour."

Many newspapers in England are that Liz Truss did not the new King to attend COP 27 because he with her government on climate change. Ms Truss prime minister four weeks ago. She has already a ban on fracking in the U.K. Fracking was in the U.K. because of the risk of environmental damage and the possibility of earthquakes. King Charles has a history of "declaring war" on climate change. At COP21 in Paris in 2015, he for a "vast military-style campaign" and "trillions, not billions, of dollars" to it. U.S. President Biden King Charles' leadership on climate change. He said: "We you badly."

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