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The words
Britain's King Charles III is a well-known [environment / environmentalist] . For decades, he has spoken on [green / greenish] issues. He made the world aware of the [dangers / dangerous] of climate change long before many world leaders did. He had been invited [at / to] attend the 27th UN climate change conference in Egypt next month to give a [speak / speech] . However, officials say there has been a [change / chance] of plan and he will not be [attending / attendance] . Many newspapers in the U.K. say King Charles will not attend the conference after Britain's new prime minister, Liz Truss, [advice / advised] him not to. A royal expert told a newspaper that: "It is [no / not] mystery that the King was invited to go there. He had to think very carefully about what steps to [take / give] for his first overseas tour."

Many newspapers [in / at] England are reporting that Liz Truss did not want the new King to attend COP 27 because he [disagrees / agrees] with her government on climate change. Ms Truss became prime minister four weeks ago. She has already [lifted / picked up] a ban on fracking in the U.K. Fracking was [binned / banned] in the U.K. because of the [risky / risk] of environmental damage and the possibility of earthquakes. King Charles has a [history / politics] of "declaring war" on climate change. At COP21 in Paris in 2015, he called for a "[vast / vest] military-style campaign" and "trillions, not [scallions / billions] , of dollars" to fight [them / it] . U.S. President Biden praised King Charles' leadership on climate change. He said: "We need you [bad / badly] ."

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