Speed Reading — Billionaires' CO2 Emissions - Level 1 — 200 wpm

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Business, homes and cows are damaging the environment. A new report from a charity said billionaires also damage the environment. The lifestyles of the world's richest people create a lot more CO2 than the average person. The average billionaire creates three million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. This is a million times more than what the average person creates. Billionaires create as much CO2 as the whole country of France.

Luxury yachts, mansions and private jets mean billionaires have a huge carbon footprint. The charity spoke at the COP 27 climate conference in Egypt. It said: "The…growing responsibility of wealthy people for overall emissions is rarely discussed…in climate policy making. This has to change." It added: "These billionaire investors…have a huge responsibility for driving climate breakdown. They have escaped accountability for too long."

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