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The words
Saudi Arabia has announced a [plant / plan] to build a huge airport. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman told journalists about the plan on Monday. He said his country would [transformer / transform] Saudi's current Riyadh airport into a world-beating six-runway [rub / hub] . He said the airport would be [able / ability] to accept up to 120 million [travellers / travels] by 2030. He added that the airport would [charge / change] travel in the region. It would be the world's [fifth / fifty] largest logistics hub. The new airport would also [boost / boast] Saudi Arabia's economy. Another ambitious [plan / plane] is the creation of a second national airline Riyadh International Airlines (RIA). This will compete [at / with] regional rivals Qatar Airways and the UAE carrier Emirates.

The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said the new King Salman International Airport would stretch [above / over] 57 square kilometres. It will include the [current / currant] King Khaled Airport. An SPA official said: "The airport project is [partner / part] of Saudi Arabia's vision [to / for] transform Riyadh to be among the top [ten / tenth] city economies in the world. It will help Riyadh's population grow [up / to] 15–20 million people by 2030." The SPA also said the new airport would be [one / once] of the greenest in the world. It will be built to be totally [sustain / sustainable] . It will be based on cutting-edge, green designs. In addition, it will be powered [by / to] renewable energy. A project spokesperson said the hub would be more than an airport; it would [be / give] an "aerotropolis".

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