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Saudi Arabia has announced a plan to build a huge airport. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman told journalists about the plan on Monday. He said his country would transform Saudi's current Riyadh airport into a world-beating six-runway hub. He said the airport would be able to accept up to 120 million travellers by 2030. He added that the airport would change travel in the region. It would be the world's fifth largest logistics hub. The new airport would also boost Saudi Arabia's economy. Another ambitious plan is the creation of a second national airline Riyadh International Airlines (RIA). This will compete with regional rivals Qatar Airways and the UAE carrier Emirates.

The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said the new King Salman International Airport would stretch over 57 square kilometres. It will include the current King Khaled Airport. An SPA official said: "The airport project is part of Saudi Arabia's vision to transform Riyadh to be among the top ten city economies in the world. It will help Riyadh's population grow to 15–20 million people by 2030." The SPA also said the new airport would be one of the greenest in the world. It will be built to be totally sustainable. It will be based on cutting-edge, green designs. In addition, it will be powered by renewable energy. A project spokesperson said the hub would be more than an airport; it would be an "aerotropolis".

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