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Japanese food famous all over the world. Everyone sushi, tempura and tofu. A lot of Japanese food is so well presented it like art. It is therefore a little surprising that Japan's "dish of the year" for 2022 is frozen food. Each year, the Gurunavi Research Institute on the winner for its culinary award. The prize is to food that trends in what people eat. Frozen food the prize in 2022 because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Many people did not out at top restaurants. Instead, they up on frozen food and ate at home. The winning frozen food was very basic - no examples of haute cuisine. The judges a variety of frozen meat and pizzas - still in their air-tight bags.

Gurunavi said the pandemic has in food companies experimenting with different ways of freezing food. They to make sure that frozen food tastes good, even after it out. One of Japan's largest supermarkets has a specialized food shop called @Frozen. It over 1,500 different frozen food items. Japan's convenience stores have their frozen food sections, and frozen food vending machines are up everywhere. Some sell frozen sushi. Japan's Frozen Food Association said changing lifestyles have the popularity of frozen food. Japan's population is , so many older people frozen dishes more convenient than cooking from scratch.

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