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The words
Japanese food is famous [all / every] over the world. Everyone knows sushi, tempura and tofu. A lot of Japanese food is so [good / well] presented it looks like art. It is therefore a [little / small] surprising that Japan's "dish of the year" for 2022 is frozen food. [Each / Both] year, the Gurunavi Research Institute decides on the [winning / winner] for its culinary award. The prize is given to food that highlights trends [on / in] what people eat. Frozen food got the prize in 2022 because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Many people did not dine [up / out] at top restaurants. Instead, they stocked [up / down] on frozen food and ate at home. The winning frozen food was very [basic / basically] - no examples of haute cuisine. The judges selected a variety of frozen meat and pizzas - [still / since] in their air-tight bags.

Gurunavi said the pandemic [was / has] resulted in food companies experimenting with different [weighs / ways] of freezing food. They want to [make / take] sure that frozen food tastes good, [even / ever] after it thaws [out / in] . One of Japan's largest supermarkets has opened a specialized food shop called @Frozen. It sells over 1,500 different frozen food [item / items] . Japan's convenience stores have expanded [them / their] frozen food sections, and frozen food vending machines are [popping / piping] up everywhere. Some sell frozen sushi. Japan's Frozen Food Association said changing lifestyles [have / has] increased the popularity of frozen food. Japan's population is aging, so many older people [search / find] frozen dishes more convenient than cooking from scratch.

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