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be spring force raise cause make express have pay sell
be be intervene describe limit reinforce benefit face pay bake
France synonymous with bread and pastries. In particular, the croissant and the baguette to mind. The latter is currently under pressure. Increasing costs are many bakers to close their bakeries or baguette prices. Soaring energy costs and wheat supply issues by the Ukraine War are life financially untenable for many in the baguette-making industry. One baker, Julien Pedussel, 36, his fears for his livelihood. He may to raise his baguette prices from one to four euros. He told reporters: "I cannot an electricity bill of 12,000 euros with a turnover of 20,000 euros." He is concerned that big supermarkets are still baguettes for less than a euro.

The humble baguette on the United Nations List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Baguette prices of such concern that France's President Macron has . He recently the bread as being "250 grams of magic and perfection". France's Ministry for the Economy has initiated an "electricity damper". This will allow bakers to by how much their electricity bills rise. The ministry said: "Aid for bakers has been and eligible bakeries can from it." Consumers are tough choices. One lamented: "I won't three euros because it's double the price. Maybe, sometimes I would because there is no equivalent to a baguette." She added she might have to start them herself.

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