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France [is / be] synonymous with bread and pastries. [In / On] particular, the croissant and the baguette [spring / sprung] to mind. The latter is currently under pressure. Increasing costs are [facing / forcing] many bakers to close their bakeries or raise baguette prices. [Searing / Soaring] energy costs and wheat supply issues caused [by / of] the Ukraine War are making life financially [untenable / tenable] for many in the baguette-making industry. One baker, Julien Pedussel, 36, expressed his fears for his [likelihood / livelihood] . He may have to raise his baguette prices from one to four euros. He told reporters: "I cannot pay an electricity bill of 12,000 euros with a [turnaround / turnover] of 20,000 euros." He is concerned [what / that] big supermarkets are still selling baguettes for less than a euro.

The humble baguette is on the United Nations List of Intangible Cultural [Heritage / Hermitage] . Baguette prices are of [so / such] concern that France's President Macron has [intervened / intertwined] . He recently described the bread as being "250 grams of [magician / magic] and perfection". France's Ministry for the Economy has [irritated / initiated] an "electricity damper". This will allow bakers to limit by how much their electricity bills [rise / arise] . The ministry said: "Aid for bakers has been reinforced and eligible bakeries can benefit [of / from] it." Consumers are [facing / forcing] tough choices. One lamented: "I won't pay three euros because it's [double / doubles] the price. Maybe, sometimes I would because there is no equivalent [to / at] a baguette." She added she might have to start baking them herself.

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