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The words
We all know that cars and factories produce a [lots / lot] lot greenhouse gas. Not many of us know that livestock such [as / was] cows, deer and goats also create emissions. [These / Them] farm animals are responsible for a lot of the world's methane. This is the most [common / commonly] greenhouse gas after carbon dioxide (CO2). Billionaire Bill Gates decided to do something [about / around] the methane these animals belch out. He [ingested / invested] in a technology start-up that aims to [increase / reduce] the amount of methane coming from animal [burps / burbs] . The tech company is called Rumin8. It is located [on / in] Australia. It has now created a synthetic, seaweed-based dietary supplement for animals. The company says its supplement [slops / stops] the creation of methane in animals' stomachs.

Bill Gates is the co-founder of the tech [ogre / giant] Microsoft. He spends a lot of his money on projects that [helpful / help] the environment. He believes the farming of animals for [meat / meaty] should be reduced because of the impact it has [in / on] climate change. He says one [third / thirdly] of all greenhouse gas emissions comes from livestock production. A spokesperson for Mr Gates' [energy / energetic] investment company spoke about the [beneficial / benefits] of the new synthetic dietary supplement. He said: "Rumin8 offers a low-cost toolbox that has already [eaten / proven] to be effective in reducing emissions." He added: "Our team will support Rumin8 in working [far / closely] with farmers to expand the [reach / beach] of this solution globally."

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