Speed Reading — Sushi Pranksters - Level 4 — 500 wpm

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Pranksters have been risking people's health at conveyor-belt sushi restaurants in Japan. Several diners licked soy sauce bottles and chopsticks, and licked their fingers and then touched the food on the revolving belt. They posted videos of their "prank" online. People in Japan are shocked. They are calling the actions "sushi terrorism". The share price of sushi chains has fallen. Many restaurants are now disinfecting eating utensils.

Sushi restaurants are everywhere in Japan. They offer good quality, cheap food in a clean, casual setting. Analysts are saying sushi terrorism could affect the future of sushi restaurants. The restaurant the prankster targeted has filed a lawsuit and is claiming compensation. A newspaper said there is a lot of outrage on social media from Japanese people. They say pranksters are showing "contempt for the country's high standards of hygiene".

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