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A new book for children called "Climate Change" has been co-written by King Charles III of the United Kingdom. Charles is an environmentalist. He has spoken about the environment for decades. He speaks at climate change conferences. He hopes his book will teach 7–11-year-olds about the problems our planet has. The other co-writer of the book is Tony Juniper from an organization called Natural England. He said he wants to "bring facts to the fingertips" of children. He said they have got most to gain by finding solutions to climate change.

Last Friday, Mr Juniper went to an event hosted by King Charles. Many business leaders were there. Charles asked them to help protect nature. At the event, Juniper said Charles was excited to know children wanted to help the Earth. He said: "I think he's been struck by the level of energy and passion shown by young people." Charles wrote: "Ever since I was a young teenager, I have been deeply worried about the way we have shaped our world. I am pleased to see that children across the world are now raising the alarm and calling for big changes."

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