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The words
Dinosaurs disappeared 65 million years ago, so we don't [really / real] know what they sounded like. Of course, there are many movies with dinosaurs making all kinds of [rears / roars] , screeches and screams. However, these noises are just [guessed / guesses] that movie directors make about [what / how] dinosaurs sounded. A new discovery [that's / has] given scientists a better idea [of / at] the kinds of sounds dinosaurs made. The scientists examined a rare fossil. It was [that / from] a spiky, armoured dinosaur called an ankylosaur. The fossil is around 78 million years [old / age] . It includes a record of the ankylosaur's voice box. It is [a / the] world's oldest fossil of a voice box. The scientists believe the shape of the creature's voice box means it probably made bird-like [sounds / sound] .

The research was led [by / on] Professor Junki Yoshida, a dinosaur researcher at the Fukushima Museum in Japan. Dr Yoshida did [much / many] tests on the shape of the fossilized voice box. He compared [them / it] with the voice box of dozens of birds, crocodiles, [lizard / lizards] and turtles. They now have a good idea of [what / that] the muscles around the voice box looked like. The muscles controlled the [drainpipe / windpipe] and sounds of the voice box. Yoshida's research may [mean / meaning] that movies like Jurassic Park got it [wrongly / wrong] . Millions of years ago, the Tyrannosaurus rex probably made [more / most] of a tweeting sound, like a bird. Hollywood may have to change its scary roars and growls [in / on] future dinosaur films to a tweet-tweet sound.

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