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Italy may introduce a law to stop people using English words in Italian. People could get a fine for using non-Italian words in official communications. Government member Fabio Rampelli is worried about the growing number of English words in Italian. He called it "Anglomania". He wrote: "We continue our battle for the use of Italian instead of English. We can't understand why we say 'dispenser'." He said English was damaging the Italian language. He wants people to get fined for using English words. The fines could be up to €100,000 ($110,000).

English has been growing around the world for a century. The Internet and social media have increased its use. English words are in most languages. People are worried this will harm their native language. Not all Italians agree with fines for the use of English. A linguistics society said it disagreed with the idea. Other people support the fines. They are worried about the number of English words in Italian. Since the year 2000, the number of English words used in the Italian language has increased by an amazing 773 per cent. There are no signs it will stop increasing.

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