Speed Reading — ChatGPT-4 - Level 5 — 400 wpm

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Many of us rely on "Doctor Google" to self-diagnose our aches and pains. The coming of AI has brought a much more powerful tool to help with this – ChatGPT-4. This is the next generation of the chatbot ChatGPT, which is only four months old. Doctors believe ChatGPT-4 will revolutionize their work and improve the lives of patients. Three artificial intelligence experts have written a book titled: "The AI Revolution in Medicine". They say ChatGPT-4 will provide surgeons with critical, life-saving advice and information. They say we need to start understanding AI's potential.

The new book says ChatGPT-4 will be invaluable to doctors. It suggests the chatbot will be like having "a benevolent mentor-servant with access to nearly all the world's medical knowledge" at your fingertips. The authors said that: "From diagnosis to medical records to clinical trials, its impact will be broad." However, they also acknowledged that AI cannot address all medical complications. The authors said ChatGPT-4 can make "inaccuracies in otherwise sound medical advice". They added that it still gives "wrong answers that almost always look right".

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