Speed Reading — Car License Plates - Level 2 — 100 wpm

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Most of us don't take much notice of car license plates. Maybe we should because they may be valuable. One license plate has just sold for $15 million in Dubai. It is the world's most expensive plate. It had the letter and number P7 on it. The previous highest price was also set in Dubai. In 2008, someone paid $14.3 million for a license plate with the number "one" on it. No one knows who broke the record this week. However, locals say it will be difficult for the person's identity to stay a secret. The sale is big news in Dubai, so many drivers will be looking for the P7 plate.

The money from the record-breaking license plate will help poor people. It will go to the One Billion Meals Endowment charity. This was set up by Dubai's ruler. It helps to feed hungry people all around the world. The auction house Emirates Auction said it was happy with the sale. A spokesperson said: "We are proud to announce that the Most Noble Numbers charity auction…has set a new world record. We are thrilled that the [money] will go directly towards supporting the…campaign, which aims to establish the largest Ramadan sustainable food aid fund."

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