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be drink have visit talk become conduct say choose be
decline prefer show decline relax love drink put sweeten put
British people big tea drinkers. It is a tradition in Britain to tea for different occasions and reasons. People it for breakfast, for when guests , and for tea breaks at work. People even "have a cuppa" when they about their personal problems. However, research from The Tea Group shows that herbal, fruit and other teas have more popular than traditional English breakfast tea. Researchers a survey of more than 2,000 tea lovers. Over half of people their favourite tea was not the traditional variety. Over a fifth of people green tea as their favourite brew. Just over 20 per cent said Earl Grey their number one.

Sales of traditional tea in the U.K. have been . Three years ago, a survey found that 54 per cent of Britons English breakfast tea. The new research that breakfast tea is likely to continue to in popularity. The researchers found many other things about tea-drinking habits in the U.K. The biggest reason for drinking tea was to . A quarter of Britons drink up to 10 cups a day. Brits seem to milky and sugary tea. Around 85 per cent of people who Earl Grey and English breakfast milk in it. Nearly 45 per cent of people their tea with sugar. Amazingly, people with a sweet tooth three teaspoons of sugar in their cup.

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