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The words
British people are big tea [drinks / drinkers] . It is a tradition in Britain to drink tea for different [occasion / occasions] and reasons. People have it for breakfast, for when guests visit, and for tea breaks [at / on] work. People even "have a cuppa" when they talk about their personal [problem / problems] . However, research from The Tea Group shows that herbal, fruit and other teas have become [more / much] popular than traditional English breakfast tea. Researchers conducted [the / a] survey of more than 2,000 tea [lovers / loves] . Over half [on / of] people said their favourite tea was not the traditional variety. Over a [fifth / five] of people chose green tea as their favourite brew. Just over 20 per cent said Earl Grey was their number [once / one] .

Sales of traditional tea [in / at] the U.K. have been declining. Three years ago, a survey found that 54 per cent of Britons [preference / preferred] English breakfast tea. The new research shows that breakfast tea is [likely / likeable] to continue to decline [in / on] popularity. The researchers found many [other / another] things about tea-drinking habits in the U.K. The biggest reason for drinking tea [was / takes] to relax. A quarter of Britons drink up to 10 cups [a / the] day. Brits seem to love milky and sugary tea. Around 85 per cent of people who drink Earl Grey and English breakfast put milk [on / in] it. Nearly 45 per cent of people [sweeten / sweet] their tea with sugar. Amazingly, people with a [sweet / sour] tooth put three teaspoons of sugar in their cup.

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