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conjure make rich splash bid sell start manage sell live
be spend increase maintain include use run hope lament stand
The word "auction" usually up images of priceless art, fine wines or celebrity memorabilia. It rarely us think of a near-threatened species of rhinoceros. However, those enough to out in excess of $10 million can for 1,993 white rhinos on May the 1st, which is International Save the Rhino Day. The majestic beasts are being by multi-millionaire conservationist John Hume, a South African entrepreneur. He a rhino breeding project with about 200 animals 30 years ago. He to increase his stock of the animals ten-fold. Mr Hume is also the 8,500-hectare ranch 100 miles south-east of Johannesburg where the rhinos .

Mr Hume's ranch home to more than 10 per cent of the world's total rhino population. Hume has $150 million of his personal fortune on rhino numbers, but can no longer afford to the creatures. His expenses vets' bills, security guards to keep poachers at bay and a helicopter for air patrols. He told reporters: "I've all my life savings spending on that population of rhinos for 30 years and I finally out of money. I'm that there is a millionaire that would rather save the population of rhinos from extinction than own a super-yacht." Hume that: "Rhinos are underdogs. They the least chance of surviving poaching."

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