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The words
China has [entered / entry] the business of making airplanes. The first Chinese-made commercial aircraft took [on / off] from Shanghai on Sunday and landed [at / on] Beijing Airport. The narrow-bodied C919 plane had 128 passengers [in / on] board. The company that [made / making] the plane is the Commercial Aircraft Corp of China Ltd. This is [shortened / short] to "COMAC". China's President Xi Jinping [rained / hailed] the C919 aircraft as a "triumph of Chinese innovation". Newspapers in China called the C919 "a symbol of industrial prowess and national [prided / pride] ". A passenger on the flight was impressed with the plane. He said: "The flight was [extremely / extreme] smooth, comfortable and memorable. I'll remember this fondly for some time to [go / come] ."

COMAC hopes to be a [majors / major] player in the commercial airplane market. It hopes to [compete / complete] with industry giants such [was / as] Boeing and Airbus. COMAC started developing the C919 in 2008. Production [begun / began] in late 2011. In September 2022, it passed the standards to fly commercially in China. COMAC's first [customer / consumer] was China Eastern Airlines, which [bought / brought] five of the aircraft. COMAC plans to build 150 planes each year [for / four] the next five years. A spokesperson said there were orders for more than 1,000 C919s from [difference / different] Chinese airlines. He hopes airlines from other countries will [early / soon] start making orders. He added that the plane was an "important milestone" for China's aircraft [industry / industrial] .

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