Speed Reading — Refugees - Level 1 — 300 wpm

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This is the text (if you need help).

Refugees are increasing worldwide. Many people are fleeing wars or feel unsafe in their homeland. They all want to live in a safe country. Multinational companies will give jobs to 250,000 refugees. More than forty big companies made this offer on World Refugee Day. They will help refugees in the next three years. The United Nations was happy about this. It said the jobs "are absolutely essential".

There are 110 million refugees worldwide. Around 12 million of these are from Ukraine. Millions more are from Syria and Afghanistan. The U.N. said: "Every number is a story of an individual family who left everything, seeking safety." Amazon is hiring refugees. It said refugees would add diversity and make the company stronger. It added that: "Diversity brings…creativity and different [points of view]."

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