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The UK's Prince William wants to end homelessness in his country. There are more than 300,000 people sleeping on the streets in Britain. In London, the number of "rough sleepers" has increased by 20 per cent in a year. William's mother, Diana, Princess of Wales also helped the homeless. She took William to a homeless charity when he was at school. He said he would never forget the sadness he felt. William told reporters that in 2023, everyone should have a safe home. He added that people should be given the support they need.

Prince William started a charity called Homewards. Its aim is to end rough sleeping and sofa surfing. He hopes the UK will be like Finland, where there is little homelessness. Homewards has a five-year project that will focus on six areas of the UK. After the five years, the project will be for the whole country. William said: "I want to…give people across the UK hope that homelessness can be prevented when we [help each other]." He added: "It's a big task, but I firmly believe that by working together, it is possible to make homelessness rare."

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