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The words
The UK's Prince William has a new [massive / mission] . He wants to end homelessness in his country. There are more than 300,000 people [slept / sleeping] in doorways and on the streets [under / across] Britain. In London, the number of "rough sleepers" has increased [by / at] 20 per cent in the past year. William will follow the example [set / let] by his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales. She took him to a homeless charity [back / when] he was a schoolboy. He said he would never forget the [sadness / sad] he felt to see people without a home. William told reporters that: "In a modern and [progress / progressive] society, everyone should have a safe and secure home." He [added / multiplied] that people should, "be treated with dignity and given [a / the] support they need".

Prince William helped to start a [charitable / charity] called Homewards. Its aim is to end rough sleeping, sofa [surfing / skiing] and temporary housing. He hopes to be as successful [was / as] Finland, where being without a home is almost a [thing / think] of the past. Homewards has a five-year project that will focus [on / in] six areas of the UK, including one part of London. After the five years, William hopes [for / to] widen the project to the [hole / whole] of the country. He said: "Through Homewards, I want to make this a [real / reality] and…give people across the UK hope that homelessness can be prevented when we help each [another / other] ." He added: "It's a big task, but I firmly believe that by working together it is possible to make homelessness rare, [grief / brief] , and unrepeated."

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