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The words
Ramen is becoming more and [much / more] popular around the world. It is a noodle dish of Chinese-style wheat noodles served in a [tasteless / rich] broth. Common flavours are soy sauce and miso, and [commonly / common] toppings include sliced pork, dried seaweed, bamboo [sheets / shoots] and spring onions. A restaurant in Taiwan has [added / subtracted] a new ingredient – a crocodile [feet / foot] . The Witch Cat Kwai restaurant in Yunlin has named its dish "thick witch crocodile ramen". Photos of the ramen have gone [rival / viral] on social media. Internet users are calling [it / them] "Godzilla ramen". The restaurant's owner told CNN Travel that the ramen is very popular. There is a long [wilting / waiting] list to eat at the restaurant. It is fully booked until the [last / end] of August.

The Godzilla ramen is not cheap. One [bowl / bowel] costs about $50. The chef said the soup and the crocodile foot take about three hours to [cake / cook] . He prepares [just / justly] 10 feet a day. The chef uses 40 types of [fresh / flesh] ingredients. First, he cleans the foot and rubs it [without / with] alcohol. Then, he covers it with a variety of [spaces / spices] . Finally, he puts the foot in the ramen broth for two hours. The owner said some customers were "afraid" [to / for] try the dish. However, many others really want to try it. The chef said: "A lot of customers say crocodile meat tastes [like / similar] chicken, but it is more springy, soft and elastic [than / that] chicken." In Taiwan, it is legal to farm and [eat / heat] crocodiles that are not protected species.

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