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Store staff get body cameras to protect themselves



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Workers in supermarkets in the U.K. can now wear body cameras to protect themselves from attacks by customers. More and more staff are being punched or threatened with knives by angry people. Many sales assistants and checkout staff are afraid to go to work. They are stressed, and they are worried about their safety. The UK's largest supermarket chain Tesco is offering its staff body cameras. A spokesperson said the number of physical assaults on its workers has risen by a third in a year. He added that 200 Tesco employees are victims of serious physical assaults each month. Thousands more are shouted at and verbally abused every day. He asked the UK government to "put an end to this".

Many people say attacks on supermarket staff are a sign that Britain is "broken". There has been a huge rise in anti-social behaviour on Britain's streets. A survey published in the Daily Mail newspaper showed that 72 per cent of voters think Britain is broken. Tesco's CEO Ken Murphy said his company has spent £44 million ($55 million) on trying to keep staff safe. Despite this, there has also been a big rise in shoplifting. These two problems have led to higher prices. Mr Murphy wants stricter laws for people who verbally or physically attack staff. He said: "Crime is a scourge on society, and an insult to shoppers and [shop] workers." He said attacks on staff were "unacceptable" and "heart-breaking".

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