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Social media is [washing / awash] with information and graphics about the [ongoing / upcoming] events in Israel and Gaza. There are concerns about how much of the content posted online is [faking / fake] . The European Union has just opened an investigation into the social media site X, [firmly / formerly] known as Twitter. The EU says there is an [alarming / sounding] volume of posts containing [false / falsely] information on X. EU officials have expressed concern that X was, "being used to [assimilate / disseminate] illegal content and disinformation". X has until the [end / over] of next week to answer a series of EU questions about this content. Failure to satisfactorily [label / address] these issues could lead the EU to impose a fine on X of up to five per cent of the company's daily [globally / global] turnover.

The EU [probe / prove] into X comes under the bloc's Digital Services Act. This was established to [monitor / maintain] how large tech companies deal [to / with] the hate speech posted [on / in] their platforms, and how they police the Internet. An EU spokesperson advised X to introduce, "proportionate and [infective / effective] mitigation measures" to identify and delete disinformation. He added: "We have, from qualified [sources / sauces] , reports about potentially illegal content circulating [on / in] X, despite flags from relevant authorities." [Hundreds / Hundred] of bogus accounts have been flooding the Internet with harmful and inflammatory content. The CEO of X said the site had [removed / removal] hundreds of these accounts. A social media expert lamented this was, "a [drape / drop] in the ocean".

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