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The words
Women across Iceland [joined / joint] their prime minister in going [in / on] strike on Tuesday. The action was part [off / of] a campaign for greater gender equality in the country. Prime minister Katrin Jakobsdottir told reporters why she took part [in / on] the "Women's Day Off". She said: "As you know, we have not yet [reached / reaching] our goals of full gender [equality / equal] and we are still tackling the gender-based wage gap, which is [acceptable / unacceptable] in 2023." A spokeswoman for the day off said: "On 24 October, all women in Iceland were encouraged to [stopping / stop] work, both paid and unpaid. For the [whole / while] day, women (and non-binary people) went on strike, to demonstrate the [important / importance] of their contribution to society."

Yesterday was the seventh time that women in Iceland have [going / gone] on strike. It was the first [much / such] action in nearly 50 years. The [last / lastly] strike was in 1975, when 90 per cent of women did not go to work and did not do [homework / housework] . The following year, Iceland passed an equal [pay / paid] law. In 1980, Iceland became the first country in the world to [eject / elect] a woman as head of state. According to the World Economic Forum, Iceland has had the [small / smallest] gender gap of any country for 14 years in a row. [Despite / Spite] this, Ms Jakobsdottir, said there is still a long way to go. She wants women's pay to be equal to men's pay. She also wants a [reduction / reduce] in gender-based violence. Ms Jakobsdottir said this was a "priority" for her government to [tickle / tackle] .

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