Speed Reading — Fatigue - Level 5 — 200 wpm

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In today's hectic world, more of us are experiencing tiredness and fatigue. Experts say there is an increase in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). This is a disorder that makes us feel extremely tired. That tiredness does not go away even if we rest. A sleep specialist said: "Our lifestyles are characterised by constant connectivity, high stress and inadequate sleep." Furthermore, a nutritionist said people with CFS suffer from a lack of energy that affects their daily life. She said there was no cure for CFS, but a good diet could help to manage symptoms.

A specialist in preventative medicine offered some advice about how to deal with fatigue and a lack of sleep. He has a three-step bedtime plan. Step one is to turn the lights off because light keeps our brain active. Blue light from phones is particularly harmful. The second step is a room temperature of around 19ºC. A cool room helps to reduce body temperature, which helps sleep. The final step is to reduce all noise. As for food, a life coach recommended we eat bananas to help us get a better night's rest. He said bananas contain chemicals that help us sleep.

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