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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced plans to [track / crack] down on what he has [libelled/ labelled] Britain's "sick note culture". The leader [believes / beliefs] there are too many people in the UK [claimant / claiming] welfare benefits because of mental health issues. He said welfare payments were a drain [on / in] the economy, and the number of people not working was creating labour [shortages / shortage] . The number of sick notes issued by doctors has [risen / arisen] sharply since the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. The most [commonly / common] diagnoses being given by doctors are related [of / to] mental health and behavioural disorders. Sunak said: "We need to change the sick note culture, so the [vault / default] becomes what work you can do not what you can't."

Mr Sunak has emphasised the need to get people back [as to / into] employment. He said: "We need to be more [ambitious / ambitions] about helping people back to work, and more [honest / honestly] about the risk of over-medicalising the everyday challenges and [worried / worries] of life." He added: "Half of people becoming inactive over the last year [sighted / cited] depression and anxiety." Opponents of Sunak's plans say his government caused the current [critics / crisis] . The mental health charity Mind said: "The [truth / true] is that…services are at breaking [dot / point] following years of underinvestment." The [opposition / opposite] Labour party called Sunak's plans, "another front for their culture wars". It said the government was "[tune / tone] deaf, shameless and irresponsible".

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