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The UK leader has a plan to introduce national service 18-year-olds. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak says he will introduce compulsory national service if his party wins the UK election July the 4th. Under his plan, young people will have two choices when they become 18. The first choice is to spend one year the army, navy or air force. The government thinks 30,000 people will choose to do this. The second option is to do voluntary work one weekend a month. This means volunteering to work Britain's National Health Service, ambulance service, fire service, or local communities. Mr Sunak said young people will gain valuable skills, and help to "build a stronger national culture".

Rishi Sunak's plan has been attacked many people. Various experts say it is too expensive, and that the UK does not have enough staff to train 30,000 army volunteers. Many defence experts say the idea is unworkable. Admiral Alan West, a former navy head, said: "I'm delighted if more young people become aware defence…but this idea is…bonkers." He believes the government needs to spend more money defence. He says national service will "suck" money of defence. Many young people disagree the plan. They believe it takes their freedom. However, one 17-year-old said it will give many young people a purpose. She said national service works well dozens of countries.

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