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The words
The UK leader has a plan to [introduction / introduce] national service for 18-year-olds. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak says he will introduce compulsory national service if his [event / party] wins the UK election on July the 4th. [Under / Below] his plan, young people will have two [chooses / choices] when they become 18. The first choice is [for / to] spend one year in the army, navy or air [fierce / force] . The government thinks about 30,000 people will choose to do this. The second [caption / option] is to do voluntary work for one weekend [a / the] month. This means volunteering to work with Britain's National Health Service, ambulance service, fire service, or in [local / locally] communities. Mr Sunak said young people will gain valuable skills, and help to "build a [strengthen / stronger] national culture".

Rishi Sunak's plan has been attacked [by / for] many people. Various experts say it is too expensive, and that the UK does not have enough [stuff / staff] to train 30,000 army volunteers. Many defence [expats / experts] say the [idea / ideal] is unworkable. Admiral Alan West, a former navy head, said: "I'm delighted if more young people become [beware / aware] of defence…but this idea is…bonkers." He believes the government needs to spend [most / more] money on defence. He says national service will "[stuck / suck] " money out of defence. Many young people disagree with the plan. They [belief / believe] it takes away their freedom. However, one 17-year-old said it will [giving / give] many young people a purpose. She said national service works well in [dozens / dozen] of countries.

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