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Rising sea levels have caused Panama to evacuate the residents of one of its islands. The inhabitants of the tiny Gardi Sugdub island off Panama's Caribbean coast are being relocated to the mainland. However, a Panamanian government official said some people are refusing to vacate their ancestral home. They will stay until the absolute last minute. Panama's government said Gardi Sugdub is a sign of things to come as more low-lying islands are under threat from being engulfed by the ocean. A recent study by Panama's Environment Ministry estimated the country would lose 2.01 per cent of its coastal territory to rising sea levels. It added that 38,000 people will need to be relocated at a cost of about $1.2 billion.

Gardi Sugdub has been home to the indigenous Guna people for generations. The overcrowded island is just 366 metres long and 137 metres wide, but was home to nearly 300 families. They relied on fishing and tourism to make a living. Islander Nadin Morales, 24, said: "We're a little sad…but the sea is sinking the island little by little." She added: "Lately, I've seen that climate change has had a major impact.…The tide comes to a level it didn't before, and the heat is unbearable." Ms Morales said she hopes her community will prosper in its new location. Her new home will be in a $12 million government development two kilometres from the port from which boats go to Gardi Sugdub.

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